Jaleel “Urkel” White & Ex Had Rocky Past But Their Daughter’s So Cute With A Lotta Swag

Posted On : September 8, 2017
Jaleel White

Family Matters and Dancing With The Stars alumn, Jaleel White, is one of the celebrities who maintains his privacy on his love life. Take one look at his Instagram page and it’s filled with photos of him and his heart, his daughter Samaya White. While Jaleel has kept his love interest a secret, he’s definitely not hiding his daughter from the spotlight. There’s no mystery that he’s a devoted Pops who loves his adorably swagged out little girl.

Their Rocky Past:

Jaleel White’s ex/mother of his daughter, Bridget Hardy (screen-grab)

Jaleel -or as we Old Schoolers call him, “Urkel”- shares a daughter with his former girlfriend, Bridget Hardy. Sources suggest they began their relationship in 2006 and split some time between 2009 and 2012. Their daughter, Samaya, was born in 2009. They both love their daughter more than life itself, but their romantic relationship reportedly had a few hiccups, depending on who you ask. Back in March 2012, while Jaleel was in a relationship with Hardy, he was accused of cheating and domestic violence. Bridget claimed that Jaleel was an abusive cheater in an exclusive interview with Star Magazine. However, Jaleel denied the abuse in a meeting with Entertainment Tonight in April 2012 stating there was zero domestic violence. He even stated that Hardy filed the suit as a ‘ploy’ to receive the money from him.

“I’ve never been arrested in my life, I have no history of violence. I’ve never even had a cop show up to my home. And the ploy is, ‘Alright, I know he doesn’t want trouble, so he’ll pay more.’ And a dollar amount was pushed across the table and child support, monthly child support. Pay this, and everything goes away.

Daddy’s Girl:

Jaleel White with his daughter, Samaya White (Instagram)

Despite the fact that the relationship with Bridget didn’t work out, Jaleel and Bridget are putting their family first. It appears that the couple co-parents well because Jaleel is sometimes seen with the little lady in his life, Samaya.

It’s hard to deny how cute they are together. She has her daddy’s eyes and her mother’s long tresses. Judging by photos, Samaya also has her daddy’s sense of humor as they are always seen laughing. Months ago, the father and daughter were pictured with Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher, Clayton Kershaw…


Not only do Jaleel and Samaya like to laugh, but they enjoy a good sporting event too. Pictured in Los Angeles Lakers jerseys, Jaleel is a great example of a proud black father as he is always showing her off. One of the reasons Jaleel and his daughter attend athletic events is because she’s an athlete too. It wouldn’t be surprising if Samaya had a future with the WNBA. She’s got skills!




Really, Samaya is the spitting image of her father. She looks just like him and it is evident that she’s the apple of his eye. Whomever dates Jaleel is going to have to get past Samaya first because she takes up all of her daddy’s time. Judging by the look on Jaleel’s face, he’s completely content being with his little girl.