Jamie Foxx Reveals Touching Thing Chris Brown Does For His Sister Who Has Down Syndrome

Posted On : October 11, 2017

Jamie Foxx (49) has always had a very close bond with his 33 year old sister, DeOndra Dixon. His sister has Down Syndrome and Jaime has oftentimes spoken out about her in interviews. Many of us are also familiar with DeOndra because she’s always by her big brother’s side on red carpets, award shows, and other events, smiling for the cameras.

Jamie Foxx and his sister, DeOndra Dixon (Facebook)

As her provider and protector, Foxx always has his sister’s back and treats her like a princess. That’s why when she makes big wishes like the one Jaime revealed about Chris Brown, he tries his best to make sure DeOndra’s wish is his command.

Jaime Is Grateful For What Chris Brown Does For His Sister

Jaime Foxx and Chris Brown (via Getty)

In a past interview with Queen Latifah, Foxx revealed what Chris Brown always does for his sister, who is a big fan of his. He also pointed out that the controversial Brown that the media knows, has a whole other side to him:

Foxx: I wanna give a special shout out to somebody. There’s a young man by the name of Chris Brown, who always gets a whole lotta things said about him and he does a few thing that maybe we may take out of context. But when I call Chris Brown about my sister, because she has a huge crush on him- he drops everything. No cameras around, he comes and dances with her, hangs out with her…”

Brown’s visits makes DeOndra beyond happy and as y’all can see, Jaime is humbled that Brown takes those moments outta his busy schedule to put a smile on his sister’s face.

Foxx Tells Hilarious Story About What His Sister Did On His Video Shoot

Aside from being a Chris Brown fan, DeOndra is like her big bro,’ she LOVES the camera and is confident in herself. So much so, that Jaime also revealed the hilarious thing she did on the set of his video shoot:

Foxx: I’m shooting a video called “Blame It On The Alcohol,” my sister [DeOndra] says, “Big bruh you gon’ let me get down, right?” I said ‘What you mean?’… “I wanna dance in the video,” [DeOndra said]. I said ‘Okay cool.’ So everybody’s there, Quincy [Jones]…Samuel Jackson….. And we’re shooting, so it’s getting late and she’s like “Big bruh don’t forget about me, ’cause I wanna do my thing.” And I looked down and what was interesting was she had a lil’ purse…and there was some hair sticking out the purse. I said ‘What’s that?’ She said “Oh that’s my ponytail, I’mma put that in …when it’s time to get down,” LOL. I said ‘Girl go put your ponytail in! LOL.

Turns out, after DeOndra went and put her ponytail in, Jaime said she ‘killed it’ in his video. That led to Quincy Jones giving her a great opportunity…

The Incredible Opportunity Quincy Jones Gave Foxx’s Sis’

Jones was so impressed after watching DeOndra during the video shoot, that he connected her with Global Down Syndrome foundation. DeOndra became the ambassador for the company and has gone to congress to speak about Down Syndrome. Also, she and her big brother have now raised millions of dollars for Down syndrome research through the foundation. Go ‘head DeOndra!