Jamie Foxx’s Daughter’s Mother Revealed After 20 Years, See Why She Was Hidden

Posted On : December 15, 2016

Jamie Foxx has always kept thing pretty private when it involves his personal relationship. Pre-social media, he did a good job keeping things under the radar, but now things are a bit more difficult to do. Now, these pictures are a hot topic, as his first child’s mother is revealed.

"There's A Reason I Haven't Spoken For 22 Years..."

Her name is Connie Kline and she's the mother to 22 year old Corinne! She's an Air Force veteran who had a brief relationship with Foxx in the early ’90s, Kline kept such a low profile she wasn’t even in the audience when their daughter was named Miss Golden Globe 2016.

“There’s a reason I haven’t spoken for 22 years. I like my privacy.”
Well that's simple enough. That's the reason she was "hidden" for over 2 decades. Additionally, Jamie Foxx once told Oprah Winfrey:
“It’s why I don’t tell people who my daughters’ 
moms are. I can be in a monogamous relationship, but my motto is, whoever you date, don’t let people know.”

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