Janet Jackson & Son Spotted At Miami Beach…He’s So Big & Cute As Can Be

Posted On : December 10, 2017

Janet Jackson has been on her State of The World tour for the past couple months but today, she decided to take a break. Although the “Nasty” singer is in Miami for her next scheduled concert, she did take a moment to relax. According to TMZ, on Saturday, December 9, the legendary performer enjoyed a moment of leisure in Miami when she took her adorable 11-month old Eissa Al Mana, to the beaches of Miami Beach. For those who haven’t seen the pictures, Eissa is a big boy now and fans can’t help but notice how adorable he is.

Fans Just Love Eissa:

Shortly after Janet’s latest photos surfaced, fans took to social media to dote on her handsome son. Needless to say, the singer’s die-hard fans are just as taken with little Eissa as they are with her.

Check out some of the tweets:



It’s good Janet has time to spend with her son despite her hectic schedule. But regardless of how busy life is, Janet has made it clear that her son is a priority and she will not allow her estranged husband dominate the divorce and take their son from her. The latest photos of Janet and her son follow detailed reports about their ongoing divorce battle.

A Nasty Divorce:

Although Janet was able to spend some quality time with her son, unfortunately, she hasn’t had the easiest time with him because she’s reportedly embroiled in a heated custody battle with his father, her soon-to-be ex-husband, Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana. In fact, a family insider claims the two are having a relatively nasty divorce battle with their son and more than $250 million at stake. By now, most fans know Janet alleges Wissam centered their marriage around his Muslim beliefs and that he dominated her life and alienated her from her family. Janet also insists Wissam’s abuse was so brutal she is demanding full custody of their son only allowing his father “limited visitation,” according to Radar Online. “They’re officially at war!” tattled a Jackson family insider.

So, it looks like Janet and Wissam will be at war for quite a while because neither of them appears to be willing to go down without a fight. Best of luck to Janet Jackson.