My Dad Had 90’s R&B On Fire! Wait ‘Til U Find Out Who He Is!

Posted On : July 14, 2015

FB daughter double picThis little cutie patootie’s Pops has sold millions of records and is still continuing his legacy today by performing constantly and releasing new material. He had 90’s R&B on lock and he has a few musical friends that he’s always hanging with (hint, hint).

One more hint, her Dad was also once signed to the label of another R&B singer who was part of a very successful 90’s group. Think you know who he is? Scroll down to see if your guess is good…

shawn and daughter goodHer daddy is Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman. Told you he had some musical friends he was always with- that would be Wanya Morris and Nathan Morris, his group members. The singer whose label originally signed Boyz II Men is Michael Bivins of New Edition and BBD.


shawn kissing daughter Shawn’s daughter’s name is Brooklyn Stockman and she is now 5 years old. Her mother is Shawn’s wife, Sharhonda.
daughter and wife

Shawn and Sharhonda also have twin sons, Micah and Ty.

Shawn and Sharlonda Stockman's twin sons
Shawn and Sharlonda Stockman’s twin sons
shawn and son
Shawn and son, Micah

Speaking of their sons, a couple years ago Shawn and his wife spoke out about their son Micah’s autism and they now have a foundation that is geared toward helping families with autism, called Micah’s Voice. Shawn stated that their son’s diagnosis took a toll on the family and made him extremely frightened for his child. Here is what he told CNN:

“It was drastic because Micah was the first one to talk, he was the first one to walk. Everything seemed to be very, very normal,” Stockman told CNN, describing how he learned he had a twin son with autism. “I did not know what to do, and one thing a man hates when it comes down to his family is not knowing what to do,” Stockman said.

Tap the next button to see a brief interview where Shawn and his wife talked about their son’s condition and how they’ve been dealing with it…