OMG! Gerald Levert’s Son Is GROWN NOW & Looks So Much Like Him It’s Scary

Posted On : February 24, 2016

The late, great Gerald Levert’s 26 year old son looks so much like his dad, it’s almost scary and when we saw more recent pics of him getting his grown man on, we all were over here doing double takes to make sure it wasn’t an old pic of Gerald instead.

LeMicah Levert!

Gerald Levert's son, LeMicah Levert His name is LeMicah Levert and he's Gerald's first born. LeMicah was only 16 years old when Gerald sadly passed away in 2006. Although their time was cut short, LeMicah often pays tributes to his dad online and he also reminisces about how extremely close they were.

Gerald would be very proud of his son these days...

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We’re sure Gerald Levert would be beaming with pride right about now over his children. It’s still hard to believe that Gerald- a cat who was so full of life and positive energy that lit up any room he stepped into, is no longer here. His legacy will continue to live on through his children, his dad, his loved ones and his fans. Keep resting well Gerald, until we meet again and in the meantime we’ll be here jammin’ to the classics cuts that you, your beloved brother Sean, and you group member Marc Gordon graced us with.