Pam Grier Reveals Being Raped At Age 6 And As An Adult…Her Story Is Heartbreaking

Posted On : January 17, 2022
Pam Grier

In her book, Foxy: My Life In Three Acts, Pam Grier told the story of the day that she went from being a happy six-year-old, to being a violated, damaged and tortured six-year-old, with a stuttering problem.

Pam Grier Details What Happened When She Was Raped As A Child

Grier said that when she spent the day by her aunt’s house, who eventually left the house and left little Pam unattended for the day, she ended up playing with a group of neighborhood boys she trusted very well because they were all friends.

The other kids were a few years older than then-6-year-old Pam. In the midst of playing, the boys ultimately lured her upstairs to a bedroom and told her they were going to play a game. She was a little unsuspecting because she was just a kid, so she went along with them. After making it upstairs, two of the boys told her that in order to play the game, she had to lie down on the bed.

Pam Grier

Pam asked the boys, “What are you doing? Why do I need to lie down?”. She says one of the boys became aggravated and quickly said “Just do it.” So, young Pam — still not knowing what was going on– did what she was told and that’s when she said one of the boys pulled her pants down and she asked “Why are you pulling my pants down?” The boy ignored her and that’s when she said he climbed on top of her and she felt an excruciating amount of pain after he penetrated her…at just six years old.

Little Pam still didn’t quite understand what was going on, other than the fact that it hurt. The next boy climbed on top of her and did the same thing and in the middle of him doing that, they all heard a man’s voice suddenly yell something like “Get off of her!”

A Phones Service Guy Rescued 6 Year Old Pam Grier During The Assault

Apparently, the telephone service guy was scheduled to come to the house and her aunt had forgot to call and cancel the appointment because she wasn’t going to be there.

The phone service guy heard Pam in agony, after he’d knocked on the front door of the house and didn’t get an answer. So he pushed the unlocked door open to find out where the little girl’s voice was coming from. All three kids were startled, and Pam Grier said the phone guy immediately told her to go in the bathroom and put on her clothes. She said that’s when she realized just how bad what had just happened to her really was, because once she saw that an adult was highly upset and angry at those boys, that meant it must have been horrible. She heard the phone service guy fussing at the boys while she was in the bathroom and then he made them leave.

Pam Grier

When Pam Grier came out of the bathroom, the phone service man asked her “Are you okay?” and Pam answered, “I-I-I-I’m f-f-f-f-fine” and just like that she went from being a vibrant, outspoken little girl who loved life, to being a timid, shy girl who developed a serious stuttering problem within a matter of minutes.

The phone service guy quietly fixed the phones and left, probably afraid that someone might have blamed him for the little girl’s rape. Pam’s stuttering problem lasted for years after she was raped and she never told a soul. One of the boys threatened her and told her if she told, he would hurt her really bad.

Pam said that’s when she says she viewed what had happened to her as a problem that “pretty girls” garnered because they drew the the wrong type of attention, so she began to try to dress down to try to play down her “pretty face” that people always told her she had (please keep in mind that this conclusion about “pretty girls” was coming from a 6 year old’s mind at the time, not an adult’s mind, who has the ability to rationalize the situation much more logically).

Grier Was Sexually Assaulted Again At 18 Years Old

Fast forward 12 years later, and it happened again at the age of 18. Pam Grier says she was raped on a date with a guy she trusted…damn.

What Ms. Grier went through is something that changed her forever. Although fans always saw viewed as the woman who was beautiful and had it all together, Pam was harboring a ton of pain and turmoil behind the mask of glamour, high heels, and bright lights.

It just goes to show that you never know what a person had to endure in their life to get to where they are. Pam Grier had a hell of a big suitcase of emotional-luggage to carry, but one thing about her is she’s a fighter and a survivor on many levels. Not only did she not allow those two rapes to stop her, she didn’t allow cervical cancer to stop her either. Ms. Grier is in remission from her cancer now, and I guess you can say she’s also in ‘psychological remission’ from the psychological and emotional scars from being raped not once, but twice. Fight on”Foxy Brown,” we salute you Queen.