Prince’s Childhood Best Friend Reveals Things We Never Knew About Prince

Posted On : April 29, 2016

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For those who are die-hard prince fans, you may remember Prince’s childhood best friend and former band member, Andre Cymone. Andre and Prince started out together in music and Prince even lived with Andre and his family for years as a teenager. That was way back before the fame and they remained friends ’til Prince’s last day. In fact, Andre talked to Prince soon after Prince made that emergency medical landing 5 days before his untimely death. Andre has been away from the spotlight for a while, but he recently spoke with Billboard to give Prince’s fans a very touching and detailed glimpse into the interesting things they never knew about the Purple One. Check out Andre Cymone’s Billboard interview excerpts below…


HOW PRINCE'S DAD REVEALED MADE AN IRONIC DISCOVERY ABOUT THEM We got to know each other. As I was sitting there, it was a really strange thing. He was telling me a little about his dad, who had a lot of pictures on the piano. I looked at a picture of a combo that he had and I asked Prince about one of the guys in the picture. He told me to ask his father as he’d be home soon. When his dad came home, he’s looking at me like who is he and what is he doing here? Prince introduced us. His dad had a really booming deep voice. So I asked him who is that, pointing to the guy playing bass in the picture. He looked at the guy in the picture, looked at me and just busted out laughing. I was like, "What?" "You’re Fred Anderson’s son." I said yeah. Then he said, "Oh my God"; he must have said that six times. Prince and I are looking at each other like, why is he saying that? He said, "You guys used to hang out when you were kids. Me and your dad played in a band together. Your dad was like this phenomenal bass player" and blah blah blah blah. He goes into this whole thing. "I’m like, what, really?" It turns out they were in a band together and we had no idea. So it was very ironic that I just happened to pick Prince to stand next to. That’s how we met.

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Source: Billboard Magazine

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