LAWWWD! What Was Ola Ray Thinking With This New Music Video?

Posted On : June 30, 2015

FB ola videoAlright ILOSM family, we have to prepare you for what you’re about to see: The beautiful model from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video, 54 year old Ola Ray, has decided to pursue her singing career and a couple years ago she released her music video. I think it’s also a tribute to MJ.

When we say this video surfaced, we mean it SURFACED! We didn’t go dig it up, it found us. Kind of like how Malcolm X once stated, “We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us.” LOL.
ola ray and mj blogNow I personally loved Ola Ray in “Thriller,” but when it comes to her music video I am compelled to take the profound advice my Momma always gave to me and that is: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say nothing at all.”

With that said, we want to make it clear that we still have nothing but love for our girl, Ola Ray, now tap that ‘next’ button and prepare to be entertained…

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