U Won’t Believe What This “Different World” Actress Does Now!

Posted On : March 17, 2016
Jonell Green

Ok old schoolers, this is NSFW, (not safe for work), and we aren’t saying that…we really mean it! Well, for some of you, this is yesterday’s news, but the vast majority of our ILOSM family didn’t know that one of Cosby’s programs, “A Different World”, turned out an actress of a different kind. She’s still acting, but in a totally different capacity. If you don’t remember the actress, Jonell Green, who played “Dashawn Curtis”, says she knows that Bill Cosby would be unhappy with her career path. In addition to appearing in “A Different World,” Green has also played a role in “Bebe’s Kids,” “Roc” and “Sister-Sister.”

“I do think Bill Cosby would be disappointed in me, because he is for a majority of Black people to get higher education and things like that, you know.”


Well that quote comes years before Cosby was charged with multiple charges of sexual assault. You see, Jonell Green who played “Dashawn Curtis” is a very popular porn star who now goes by the name, Aryana Starr. So while folks may have something to say about this former child actress and her career moves, the last one who should open their mouth is Mr. Cosby. Porn Star, Aryana Starr is now 36 years old and loves what she does. She gives a simple reason as to why she ventured into the world of adult films.


“Because I love sex!”

From 2008 to 2011 Aryana Starr has starred in close to 100 films, starring in movies like; “Black & Wild #27, “Thicka Than A Snicka”, and “Black Out” And not much has been heard from her since then.

Adult film actors, Prince Yahshua & Aryanna Starr
Adult film actors, Prince Yahshua & Aryanna Starr