Well Looka Here! Camille Cosby Finally Appears w/Bill In Court After Long Wait

Posted On : June 12, 2017

Ever since Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial started on Monday, June 5, 2017…well on second thought, ever since Bill was last seen publicly with his wife, Camille Cosby, in April (2017), everybody’s been asking about her whereabouts. Rumors and speculations were through the roof: ‘Camille’s probably had it up to HERE Bill!’; ‘Camille ain’t ever showing up to support him’; ‘She probably left him by now,’ etc., etc….

Well people, lo and behold, Mrs. Cosby came through for her man like a true warrior after all she’s been through throughout this scandal for the past couple years. We don’t know if her husband is guilty of any of the sex assault charges against him. However, what we do know is that she’s had to face public humiliation as a result of the many cheating allegations against her husband and as a result of some of the confessions he’s made about cheating on her in the past.

Photos Of Camille & Bill Entering Court For Trial

June 12, 2017: Camille escorting husband, Bill Cosby into Norristown, PA courtroom (via AP)

Check out the pics of Camille and Bill entering into the Norristown, Pennsylvania courtroom for day six of the trial, in which Andrea Costandt claims Bill sexually assaulted her in 2005. Camille seemed to be in high spirits as she shared smiles with Bill and his team, while the paparazzi walking  with them damn near lost their minds trying to get the shots.

June 12, 2017: Camille escorting husband, Bill Cosby into Norristown, PA courtroom (via AP)

Major props to Camille Cosby, because it definitely takes a special kind of woman to be able to bare a storm…hell, a tornado of media frenzy like the one she’s gone through and still be standing tall in the midst of it. But again, whether or not her man of 53 years is guilty or not, we shall see soon.

The Latest On The Sex Assault Case Of Bill Cosby vs. Andrea Constandt:

Via East Oregonian: Bill Cosby’s wife, Camille, has arrived at court with him on the sixth day of his sexual assault trial. It’s the first day a family member has accompanied him to court. The couple also has four daughters.

The defense opens it case Monday. Cosby had said before the trial he would not testify. But a spokesman said last week it still was a possibility. Last week, accuser Andrea Constand testified that Cosby drugged and molested her in 2004 at his gated estate near Philadelphia. Jurors also heard Cosby’s version in the form of his police statement and his lurid deposition in her 2005 lawsuit.The trial will move to closing arguments if no defense witnesses are called.