Wow! Brandy Reveals Just How Ex-Fiance’ Scammed Her

Posted On : April 20, 2017

Ms. Brandy Norwood has had a string of venting sessions on social media in recent years and they have been quite entertaining to say the least. At first it was the shade she threw at Monica, then it was the clap-backs she posted to online haters, and now her new target is her ex-fiancee’ Ryna Press, who probably has his hat pulled down low today as he walks through the street after reading what Brandy exposed about him.

Brandy with her then fiancee, Ryan Press
Brandy with her then fiancee, Ryan Press

First, let me say that I’m kinda digging’ her newfound level of transparency. It seems that ever being outed by her ex-husband/baby daddy, Robert Smith, about their past fake marriage, Brandy has gained a high level of ‘I-don’t-give-a-you-know-what.’ She no longer cares what you or I think about her and lives her life in truth, which brings me to her ex-fiancee, Ryan.

Remember when Ryan was her then manager/fiancee from 2012- 2014? They were crazy in love, but then it came to a screeching halt and no one knew why. Well, now Brandy has just revealed that the rock of an engagement ring she’d been so proud of, turned out to be faker than a Trump ‘alternative fact.’ That’s right, she took to nstagram to blast Ryan for fooling her with the cubic zirconia ring that was supposed to be a big sparkling diamond Check out the shade-laced post Brandy wrote about her cubic zirconia rock in her throwback post on Wednesday (4-19-17):

@4everbrandy: Only thing wrong in this pic is that cheap ass cubic zirconia …. #Diamond… actually I’m a #PearlGirl #DodgedADitch #ImTheBullet #Essence @brandydaily📸 #Pistol #ThrowbackTuesday

So what really broke them up? Was it the cubic zirconia ring? Or the LIE about the ring that did them in? Who knows…but see what Brandy said about their breakup below…

Brandy On How Tough It Was To Get Over Ex-Fiancee, Ryan

Via Uptown Magazine: “Ryan and I were just two completely different people and we found that out when we were already in love with each other. Sometimes it happens,” she explained. “It hurt him, it hurt me and it hurt my daughter. It was a really hard time and another phase of the sadness that was a cloud for a while.”

Brandy’s Unfortunate Bad Luck With Men

It’s been a very rocky road for Brandy’s love life. She’s admittedly been getting heartbroken since she was 15 and dating Boyz II Men’s Wanya Morris for a few years…until he left her:

Brandy and then boyfriend/Boyz II Men's Wanya Morris
Brandy and then boyfriend/Boyz II Men’s Wanya Morris

Via ‘VH1’s Behind The Music’: “He [Wanya Morris] fell in love with someone else. The worst feeling is to be in love all by yourself. That feels f*cked up, honestly. It does and that’s the only way I can really put it. It felt like somebody had completely taken my heart out of my body and just crushed it,” said Brandy.

Then she admitted that her daughter’s father, Robert Smith, apparently damaged her career after he told the public the truth about their lie of being married after she became pregnant and was worried about what her fans would think of her being an unwed mother:

Brandy with her then boyfriend/daughter's father, Robert Smith
Brandy with her then boyfriend/daughter’s father, Robert Smith

“If I was woman enough to lay down and get pregnant by someone then I should’ve been woman enough to admit that that’s what took place. I’m telling my team and everybody around me I have to say I’m sorry. “No, no, no you can’t say that you’re sorry. We have to twist this and turn it. Although, at the time I wished that he [Robert] would’ve taken a different approach but I’m glad he didn’t looking back because to be able to tell that truth and to now live that truth with a beautiful daughter at my hip, I feel much better about myself that I can come clean and say ’I was afraid. I was scared. I was lost. I didn’t know what to do.” The lie about being married was the fall of my career. Everything changed. Everything changed.” -Brandy, VH1’s BTM

After so much heartbreak and betrayal, maybe Brandy’s had enough practice and earned the stripes to finally be able to say that next time around, she’ll be blessed enough to get it right. Much luck to Brandy and her relationship success in the future. In the meantime, can we get new music with that beautiful voice of your’s gracing it Brandy?