Wow! Billy Blanks’ Son MARRIED A “Good Times” ACTRESS! Wait Til U See Who

Posted On : December 6, 2016

ILOSM family here’s an interesting piece of info for you. It involves a “Good Times” actress; fitness guru/founder of the multimillion dollar Tae Bo fitness brand, Billy Blanks; and Billy’s  son. Billy Blanks is the father-in law of an actress most of us Old Schoolers remember very well. Check out who she is below…


Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 12.28.40 PM By 2011, Billy Jr. and Sharon were able to build their brand with a line of workout DVDs titled "Dance With Me. But in an effort to push the DVD's out to the masses, they appeared on business reality TV show, "Shark Tank," with the hopes that one of the show's investors would offer them a great deal to distribute their DVDs. Ultimately "Shark Tank" investor, Damon Hall (the founder of F.U.B.U. clothing) offered them a deal that surprisingly, Billy turned down because he didn't want to be packaged in with Zumba products, (the fitness brand Damon already had business dealings with). But Damon followed behind Billy to talk to he and Sharon about reconsidering the offer and that's when it got really emotional. See how Billy Jr. and Sharon responded... BILLY JR. BREAKS DOWN CRYING BILLY BLANKS JR. DECLINES BUSINESS OFFER SEE WHERE THEY ARE NOW>>>

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