Where’s The Money? See HOW MUCH $ George Lopez Gave To Help Prince’s Fam’

Posted On : May 1, 2016

This is yet another example that money is not always the root to all evil, in many cases, such as this one, it is a token of self-less generosity and appreciation for the man that the iconic Prince was. Many sources say actor/comedian, George Lopez, has stepped up to help his good friend, Prince’s, family in their time of need and apparently he didn’t want any public praise over this and he allegedly even donated the money to the family anonymously, which further proves his good heart, but we still think the brotha deserves his props for doing such a gracious thing for his friend’s family…


george lopez smiling George Lopez and Prince were good friends and TMZ reported that Lopez has just dropped $20thousand big ones on Prince's family to help some of them pay for their home expenses and other personal bills. Why did he do that? Well because word on the Old School curb is that Prince was extremely generous to his family and was helping a lot of them take care of their monthly bills and he also bought several of them homes...but now that all of the assets of Prince's estate are temporarily frozen until a judge figures out how much the estate's administrator can divvy up among the family to cover their monthly expenses. So Lopez gave the fam' the money to help them get through this tough time until then and we're told that the dollar amount could increase if Lopez learns that they need more money to make it through. We're giving George Lopez an Old School fist bump and hand clap for this one. Check out this hilarious interview with Prince and George Lopez>>>

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