Wow! U Won’t Believe What REGULAR JOB Rerun Had AFTER Success!

Posted On : May 30, 2016

It’s been 13 years since the beloved Fred “Rerun” Berry sadly took his last breathe, but his impact was so strong that he’s still a very relevant topic among us Old Schoolers. You’d think that by now, the world probably know everything there is to know about Rerun, but nope, we’re still finding out a few bits of interesting info about the brotha’s┬álife. One of these things in particular made many of us, over here at ILOSM, be like “Whaaat?!!”


Ever since his days with the 70's pop locking group, The Lockers, and his "Soul Train" stint, dancing had remained in Rerun's DNA. We'll never forget episodes like this one where Rerun stole the scene and reminded "What's Happening" viewers not to sleep on his dancing skills.

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R.I.P. Fred Rerun Berry

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