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Uh Oh! EX-WIFE Of Kandi’s Baby Daddy Reveals SHOCKING Info About Kandi

The situation we’ve been watching unfold on TV over the past few weeks between former Xscape singer/”Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, Kandi Burruss; her baby daddy, Russell “Block” Spencer; and their 15 year old daughter, Riley; has just gotten messier. Now the ex-wife has jumped in…  

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Wow! Billy Blanks’ Son MARRIED A “Good Times” ACTRESS! Wait Til U See Who

ILOSM family here’s an interesting piece of info for you. It involves a “Good Times” actress; fitness guru/founder of the multimillion dollar Tae Bo fitness brand, Billy Blanks; and Billy’s  son. Billy Blanks is the father-in law of an actress most of us Old Schoolers remember very well. Check out who she is below…