After Ne-Yo Announces He &Wife Expecting 2nd Baby Fans Drag The Hell Outta Him, Here’s Why

Posted On : October 26, 2017
Ne-Yo and wife, Crystal Smith

Ne-Yo and his wife, Crystal Smith, are expecting their second child together. Like many celebs, Ne-Yo took to social media to share the great news with his fans. But apparently, fans weren’t too pleased with Ne-Yo’s big announcement and their disapproval had nothing to do with Crystal, nor the innocent unborn child. Ne-Yo’s actually being dragged for another reason and he’ll probably leave you scratching your head too.

Ne-Yo’s Big Announcement:

The singer/producer posted a photo of himself with his beautiful pregnant wife and captioned it with the hashtag #PrettyPreggoLady. During a brief chat with E! News, Crystal shared her reaction to the pregnancy. “We are so excited!” the pregnant businesswoman tells E! News. “This definitely wasn’t in the plan and we weren’t trying at all!” When she shared the news on Instagram she admitted that the new pregnancy was quite a surprise because it wasn’t planned but she and her husband are definitely excited. “We didn’t plan for you but you are Gods plan and I thank you for choosing us to be your parents! Impatiently awaiting our newest addition. WE’RE PREGNANT!!!” the expectant mother shared on her post. She added, “I think he did it on purpose–joking!”

Of course, there were fans who congratulated Ne-Yo and Crystal but many fans wasted no time reminding him of his seemingly insensitive demands for his ex-fiance, Monyetta. For those who don’t know, Ne-Yo reportedly asked Monyetta to tie her fallopian tubes after the birth of their second child.

Ne-Yo, Monyetta, and their two children

During past interviews, Monyetta has also opened up about the situation and she revealed Ne-Yo also agreed to have a vasectomy. She ultimately obliged, but then he reneged and called off the engagement. To most fans, Ne-Yo played dirty. So, fans were not about to let him forget all he’s done despite his happy announcement.

(L) Ne-Yo’s ex, Monyetta Shaw; (C) Ne-Yo; (R) Ne-Yo’s wife, Crystal Renay Smith

Dragged To Hell:

Although Monyetta has made it clear she doesn’t feel any type of way about Ne-Yo welcoming another child, fans are actually livid. Shortly after Ne-Yo posted the news on Instagram, fans wasted no time calling him out and some people definitely didn’t hold back with their comments, reports TMZ. “Don’t get why u made ur other baby mama burn her tubes just to move on n keep having kids … that’s just plain ole mean smh nice music but an a**hole in real life.”

Maybe Ne-Yo’s a better man now. But we’ll just have to see how things turn out for Crystal after she gives birth to baby No. 2. Wishing them a happy healthy delivery. Congratulations to them both.

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