After “Sweetie Pie’s” Star Accused Jennifer Williams Of Stalking, She Claps Back At Oprah’s OWN

Posted On : January 8, 2018

Sweetie Pie’s star Tim Norman has been dealing with all kinds of drama with his estranged ex-girlfriend Jennifer Williams. The two have been back and forth to court following allegations of stalking. For those who missed the drama, Tim recently detailed Jennifer’s aggressive alleged actions insisting she even tried to run over him with his own car. Of course, Jennifer has denied the allegations but now she’s at the center of drama over tweets about Tim. However this time, she’s not going off on Tim. She’s firing off at Sweetie Pie’s network OWN. The latest drama all started with a simple tweet.

Drama On Twitter:

We all know most shows have a hashtag and Sweetie Pie’s is no different. On January 6, a fan took to Twitter to share her opinion of Tim and Jennifer’s relationship with the hashtag #SweetiePies. She wrote, “Bahahahaha!!! I didn’t know Tim and Jennifer’s relationship was going to end this soon! Tim said “He’ll No! Hahaha! KMSL!!! #SweetiePies”

Surprisingly, OWN responded to the fan’s tweet saying “Reacted too quickly!! #SweetiePies”

The Clap Back:

Apparently, the former Basketball Wives star saw the network’s tweet and she wasn’t happy about it at all. Shortly after the network shared the tweet, Jennifer fired back with legal threats toward OWN. “You might want to leave me out of your teeets before you get sued! You have a batshit psycho on your network. Leave me out of it before I let the REAL out…,” she tweeted. The first tweet opened the door for a full rant.

It seems like Jennifer might be reaching a bit with this one since the network didn’t make a direct statement about her. But right now, Jennifer isn’t tryin’ to hear anything about Tim. Her latest rant follows a series of reports about their ugly split. When the reality star learned Tim had cheated on her, she allegedly tried to take him out. As previously reported, Tim claimed Jennifer had been harassing and stalking him. When they officially split back in September, she allegedly attempted to run him over with his own car. However, Jennifer also filed for a restraining order based on similar claims. During an interview with Bossip, she claimed she’s been living in fear since their split.

“I feel like I’m in a Lifetime movie,” Jennifer told the publication. “I have not been with him for three months, he’s been blocked from BOTH of my phones, all of my social media. I’ve moved on in another relationship and been living my life in L.A. At one point he did have a set of keys to my place, so I was like did he get a copy of my key made? Is he going to my house?” Jennifer said. “I turned around, I see him parked by the side of the road. He followed me, so I dipped off and went to my friend’s house.”

At this point, it’s unclear who is really living in fear but these two may do better to just stay away from each other.

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