Angie Stone & Ex Group Members Threaten Bruno Mars: ‘U STOLE From Us!’

Posted On : February 23, 2016
Angie Stone (L); inset photo: The Sequence; Bruno Mars (R)
Angie Stone (L); inset photo: The Sequence; Bruno Mars (R)

Uh oh! Is it about to be another lawsuit between the old school vs. the new school? Angie Stone and her former group members from the 70’s group, The Sequence, have just spoken out and made claims that Bruno Mars stole elements of their 70’s hit, “Funk You Up,” for his current mega hit, “Uptown Funk.” Remember when The Sequence had everybody rapping these words back in the day: “We gon’ funk you right on up, we’re gonna funk you right on up”?
the sequenceFirst off, many of us forgot that Angie Stone was even a rapper back then, who was also a part of the very first female rap group, long before Salt N’ Pepa. Well it looks like Angie, and the other members, Cheryl the Pearl and Blondy, just might be about to get paid WAY more money than their original hit ever earned them, if everything goes in their favor. Here are the details according to TMZ:

Bruno Mars has been threatened by an agitated group of girls, who claim he STOLE “Uptown Funk.”
The Sequence, one of the first female rap groups, claims Bruno used their 1979 hit, “Funk You Up” as the inspiration for his massive hit with Mark Ronson.
The group’s rep, Kali Bowyer, claims the hook to both songs are the same, and there are other similarities as well. Check out the 2 songs … you be the judge.
The timing may be more than coincidental … Mars and Ronson just won the Grammy for Record of the Year.
The Sequence — Angie Stone, Cheryl the Pearl and Blondy — haven’t filed a lawsuit yet, but there are now rumblings.

bruno marsIt sounds like if these ladies don’t get compensated real soon by Bruno, then this just might be another lawsuit like what Marvin Gaye’s kids have just won against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams. Only time will tell…but in the meantime both sides are probably in the process of getting lawyered up.

Listen to both songs below and tell us if you think Bruno Mars jacked The Sequence’s song:

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