Bobby Brown’s Ex Manager Tells SHOCKING Final INCIDENT That Made Him QUIT!

Posted On : January 26, 2017

Bobby Brown’s former manager, Steven Machat (who’s also a well known entertainment attorney and label owner), has worked with a versatile group of celebs throughout the years- ranging from the likes of Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, Suge Knight, David Copperfield, etc., but it was his span with Bobby B. that was apparently one of the more turned up moments of his career. In fact, it was so ‘turned up’ that he quit. When you see why you’re gonna flip out…


Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 6.08.30 PM Steven Machat said he quit after the success of the "Don't Be Cruel" album and that the final straw involved prostitution, jail, Bobby Brown, his mother, and sister:

"Bobby was unable to duplicate the success of that record ["Don't Be Cruel"] because the team that did it was gone, me included. I left because I awoke from the dream. I was representing and promoting a fraud. A fraud that lived on the fumes of the dust he smoked and the lines he inhaled. I got disgusted with myself. I thought I could mould him, instead he moulded me. When I quit it was to regain my honor which my ego had got in front of. The last straw was when his mother called the night I got back to LA from my Dad’s funeral in NY, demanding that I bail her daughter out of jail. She was arrested for prostitution."
"Instead of becoming an example and role model, Bobby stayed on the floor, constantly looking for his next high. I must add, Whitney was worse than him when they met. She destroyed him as much as he destroyed her. They lived in the shadows of the light.”
Machat never mentioned Bobby's sister by name, but as far as we know, he only has one...
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