Can U Believe This Old School Actor REJECTED Empire’s Lucious Lyon Role?

Posted On : August 19, 2015

BLOG empire taraji and terenceYou know the Old School saying, ‘a hard head makes a soft a____?’ Well we typically wouldn’t use that expression toward one of our favorite Old School celebs, but in this case, it applies and we couldn’t fight the urge to keep it real with him.
empire logowith face

You see, there is a very accomplished actor whom we all know, that was the first choice for the role of “Lucious Lyon” (Terence Howard’s character) on the hit TV show, Empire, also starring Taraji P. Henson. Apparently Terence wasn’t supposed to be on the show at all, had the producers and director had their way, but this actor you’re about to see, actually turned the role down when it came across his agents desk. BIG MISTAKE! But hey, we don’t wanna rub it in his face, we’re sure- whether he admits it or not- he probably feels bad enough for passing up that payday. See who he is…

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