Cedric The Entertainer Says Folks Need To STOP HATING Trump & Here’s Why…

Posted On : December 20, 2016

Cedric the entertainer had lot to say about anyone who is still not feelin’ Donald Trump as the next president of the free world, needs to chill out with the anger towards the future president…


fb-ced-ad-trumpCed' was stopped by paparazzi the other night as he was hopping into his FIRE white-on-white Bentley...okay I got sidetracked for a second, my bad, I'm a car lover, can't help it. But the point is that Ced' breaks down why it isn't about Trump's sexist, racist, nor divisive statements he made about women, minorities, and poorer people throughout his campaign, for him it's about rationality. See what Cedric the Entertainer thoroughly explained and tell us if you agree...

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