See Why Chaka Says Rufus Band Member Allegedly Beat Her & Husband

Posted On : June 24, 2015

chaka big pic

There’s no question that Chaka Khan has proven time and time again, that she is not the one to be messed with. She’s a 5’4″ firecracker and makes it clear that nobody bett’ NOT play with her or her family. Other than that, she’s a really classy lady though.

According to what Chaka revealed, there was one time when she had to put her classy persona to the side and let her inner firecracker emerge when some drama allegedly went down in the bathroom of a recording studio between herself, her then-husband Richard Holland, and Rufus drummer, Andre Fischer back in the day.


Richard Holland (who was married to Chaka from 1976-1980) walked into a studio session while Andre was listening to a playback recording of Richard’s song, “Better Days,” which was going to be released on a new Rufus ft. Chaka Khan album. Richard thought the recording sounded great and stated that to Andre. Richard then apparently went to another room to go…

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