Chrisette Michelle Marrying The Man Who Sued Her For HOW MANY Millions?!!

Posted On : November 28, 2015

chrisette5So you’re probably wondering why would we be covering a new school artist, like the beautiful and talented Chrisette Michelle on our Old School website. The answer is because simply put Chrisette has an old soul; she is one of the last true artists who is actually keeping REAL soulful R&B alive in today’s wack climate of dumbed down lyrics sung by a bunch of non singers and non-rappers; and lastly, this story about her relationship with her music manager and soon-to-be husband, Doug “Biggs” Ellison, is refreshing to hear in today’s ever-changing microwave society, where our children are constantly getting messages through the media that the way you pick a mate is by measuring how much money and jewels the guy has, and by how well the female can twerk and ‘throw that thang back.’

chrisette7Okay I know I sound a lil’ frustrated about today’s musical climate, but the truth is I am. So any time I see new school artist, like Chrisette Michelle, dancing to the beat of their own drum, I like to give them their props.

Now let’s get down to why Chrisette is marrying a dude who 7 years ago sued her for $20 million! Nope that was not a typo, ol’ boy really did that to her. BUT, before you go thinking he’s wrong, the truth is, Chrisette started it, but if this isn’t a story of how true love conquers ALL, then I don’t know what is. Turn the page and get the details…

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