Cuba Gooding Jr. Was Caught In A Nightclub Doing WHAT On Table Tops?!!

Posted On : June 11, 2016

Cuba Gooding Jr. has built an amazing acting career and when he’s not acting he’s building an incredible track record as the actor who works hard and plays even harder. Cuba’s party behavior has been well documented throughout the years by everyday civilians and let’s just say Cuba likes to have a good time…in public and we’ve got the footage to prove it. Check out these short video these and you be the judge- Was Cuba just naturally high off life, or would you blame his behavior on the ‘a-a-a-al-al-alcohol?’


In this February clip, Cuba was feeling real good again and decided to spread the love with NY polices after exiting a bar. He hugged them and even kissed one of them on the cheek. BUT THAT'S NOT IT...SEE WHAT CUBA TRIED TO DO TO A FEMALE FAN IN THE CLUB>>>
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