Damon Dash Blasted By His Controversial Cousin Stacey Dash For “Using” Her

Posted On : December 9, 2017

We all know by now that the last thing conservative, self-hating actress, Stacey Dash, probably wants to do is be associated with an Black film, event, president…hell, she doesn’t even want to be associate with Black History Month. That’s why it comes as no surprise that ol’ girl is pissed off with her cousin/former Rock-A-Fella Records music mogul, Damon Dash.

Damon, on the other hand, proudly embraces his culture and race. In fact, he’s even blasted his big cuz in the past for her lack of awareness, her odd outlook toward African Americans, her continued support of President Trump and her bashing of President Obama.

Stacy Dash, in turn, previously revealed that Damon had apparently disowned her, ever since she’s allowed her twisted opinions and views as a [now fired] Fox commentator to be revealed to the masses.

Although the Dash cousins do not see eye to eye on most topics, Damon is still a businessman. Therefore, he recently decided to reportedly ink a deal to get his film, Honor Up, released. It features Damon Dash; rapper, Beanie Siegel; and of course, Stacey Dash. But now that Damon posted a flyer, on Instagram, to inform his fans about the movie, Stacey has a major problem with it.

You see, it seems that the movie was shot years ago, before Stacy Dash had publicly came out to the world as a straight up sell out. So at that time, she didn’t necessarily mind being associated with a Black film. However, now that she’s an avid Trump supporter, Ms. Dash no longer wants to be involved with such ‘Blackness’ that Damon’s movie will provide, I suppose.

Ms. Dash has now reportedly filed a lawsuit to block her cousin from releasing his movie, Honor Up…as long as it has her likeness in it. Here’s what she had to say about Damon Dash:

‘I’m sorry that my cousin Damon Dash is using our family relationship to advertise his movie. I have no written contract with him or Kanye West’s company (who I have had no dealings with at all). No one is authorized to use my name or photograph for “Honor Up.”’

Not sure why Damon still even wants to include Stacey Dash in his project, after the reputation she’s built. But on the flip side, I think Stacey needs to be happy that somebody wants to do something with her brand. Hell…the Fox Network turned their backs on her and most other respectable brands run for the hills at the first mention of her name…just saying.

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