Despite Never Marrying Ex-Fiance, Mariah Carey Reaches Big Settlement W/ James Packer

Posted On : November 30, 2017

Mariah Carey and James Packer split months ago, but the singer made it clear she wasn’t walking away empty-handed. Although she and James never tied the knot, she demanded to keep the massive 35-carat engagement ring he purchased and she even wanted compensation for the relationship. But since Mariah was engaged to a billionaire, of course, she wasn’t lookin’ to collect chump-change. The Grammy Award-winning singer wanted millions. Most fans thought she didn’t have a chance in hell of collecting when they never even married but apparently, Mariah got her way.

Big Money:

According to The Blast, Mariah Carey and James Packer have reportedly reached a settlement. Although Mariah didn’t get the $50 million she was seeking, reports suggest that she will be walking away with approximately $5 to $10 million. In addition to the money, she’ll also be allowed to keep the massive engagement ring. Mariah’s case is a bit different considering they were faced with a breakup as opposed to a divorce, but the singer has treated the split like a divorce. She made headlines when she argued that she uprooted from her life in New York City to be with Packer in Los Angeles.

The latest settlement comes as quite a surprise since she and Packer have been battling since their breakup back in October of last year. Initially, he adamantly refused to give her a dime but, apparently, he’s had a change of heart or he’s simply ready to move on with his life.

The Money Don’t Stop:

Although Mariah just fattened her pockets with a little bit of James’ money, reports have revealed December is always a big money month for the singer. According to The Independent, Mariah rakes in nearly a half a million each year just from royalties for her Christmas classic “All I Want for Christmas.” Over the years, the song has become one of the biggest holiday classics in history.

The singer recently announced the cancellation of her tour, but that doesn’t mean she’ll be hard up for cash anytime soon.

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