FINALLY! The Trans-Woman Riding With Teddy P. On The Day Of The Accident Gives Us The REAL Story!

Posted On : October 25, 2014

Teddy Pendergrass

Ever since that tragic day in 1982, everyone’s been speculating about Teddy Pendergrass’ sexuality because all they really knew about the details surrounding that horrific accident was that a transgender woman, Tenika Watson, was riding in the car with him. Finally she’s giving us the details of that day.

Many of us are probably wondering why didn’t Teddy do more to clear his name from these false rumors? I think it’s safe to say that our beloved Teddy P. had much bigger issues on his hands after becoming paralyzed, other than entertaining a rumor that he knew his real truths about.

“I never really got a chance to tell my side of things and it was important to me. Very important to me.” – Tenika Watson

The Truth!

FINALLY we now know the truth! You can clearly look at this woman and see that even today she looks like a woman, not a man, and based on what she said, it doesn’t sound like Teddy P. ever had a chance to find out that she was, in fact, a transgender women. So there you have it folks!

A lot of people have given Teddy P. and his legacy such a bad rap over the years, but this just goes to show you that everything you hear ain’t always true. Now of course, we all are sometimes intrigued by the many scandals, deceptions, and sagas of the lives of entertainers, but we are also just as intrigued by the TRUTH…or at least we should be.

Could this intrigue be stemming from the fact that it’s in everyone’s human nature to NOT want to be lied to? Therefore the second we think a celeb isn’t being truthful, we instantly latch onto a rumor and take that as truth, without ever attempting to research, or analyze the info any further? Ah well…guess that’s the life of a celeb- it has it’s ups and it’s downs, but it’s good that Teddy P.’s legacy no longer has to be tainted by this particular rumor.

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