Geeesshh! How Many Millions Did Sly Stone Just Get?

Posted On : January 30, 2015

sly-stone-ilosmHere’s the story according to TMZ:
Sly Stone just scored $5 million thanks to a L.A. jury, which ruled the psychedelic funk singer was done wrong by a former manager who pilfered his fortune.

When Sly was on the skids, his former manager allegedly convinced him to sign over all his royalties to a company the manager picked … for tax reasons. Sly says the manager assured him he’d be protected.

But Sly says the manager fleeced him, and apparently the jury agreed. The company that got the royalties must pay the frontman of Sly & the Family Stone $2.5 MIL. The manager, Jerry Goldstein, must ante up $2.45 MIL. And the lawyer who worked with Goldstein has to kick in 50K.

Sly has been destitute with severe drug problems … living in his van.
Sly Stone

There are so many artists who haven’t been able to get what was rightfully theirs, but hopefully Sly is setting the stage for others to seek out what they have earned. It’s no secret that Sly had fallen on hard times, so this money couldn’t have come in at a more perfect time. Sly’s finally dancing to the music again! Go ‘head Sly!

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