Geesh! Steve Harvey Being Sued By Jet Company For HOW MUCH Money?!!

Posted On : November 16, 2015

fb steve harvey jetA Nashville private jet company in Nashville, TN is claiming that Steve Harvey actually stiffed them for their paper. They say he owes them a whole lot of money and has yet to pay up. The amount the company is suing Harvey for is a minimum of $205,000 they claim he owes after he requested that they trick out the private jet he was leasing. Here are the details (USA Today):

Family Feud host and media do-it-all Steve Harvey is being sued by a Nashville company that says Harvey owes about $200,000 for custom alterations to a private jet.

Business Aircraft Leasing Inc. says in court papers that Harvey agreed to pay it $400,000 for customization of a Gulfstream jet that he “orally promised” to lease for $97,000 a month. The Nashville company hired a Florida company, Private Sky Aviation, to do the work. That included altering the plane from 16 to 14 seats and customizing the seat and interior design.

Harvey paid about half of that money before saying he did not want to lease the aircraft, according to the federal lawsuit. Business Aircraft Leasing is suing Harvey and One World Aviation — a company Harvey owns or operates, according to court paperwork — for the remaining $205,040 or more. The company asks that sum to be determined at trial.

That jet is LAID! Steve Harvey has not publicly responded to the the jet company’s complaint as of yet, so we’ll keep y’all posted on this.

Check out some photos of the private jet in question…
steve harvey jetsteve harvey jet2steve harvey jet3steve harvey jet4

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