This Is How We Googled Back In The Day

Posted On : September 4, 2014

Back in the day we didn’t live in a microwave society, we worked hard for everything we got, no matter if it was our music or our information. Awwh an ode to the party song of the 90’s (This is how we do it by Montel Jordan).

When I think back on how much things have become convenient for us as a society I also start to think how lazy we have become.

I remember my mother purchasing me my first set of encyclopedias I was so happy to have all the information I could want in the convenience of my bedroom. No going to the library for me. LOL Information and sources for book reports was endless. I think that was the beginning of the end of my laziness and for alot of my generation. I can’t completely say the microwave society started with the world wide web; it started when you no longer traveled to a destination for information.

On a flip side when it comes to music I believe the microwave society has this entitlement and now factor. I can remember having to wait on my favorite song on the radio so I could tape it and stop the tape right before the commercial breaks. Younger generations definitely do not have the patients we have because you definitely had to have it to wait on the DJ to play your favorite songs. Now kids can go to iTunes and Youtube to hear their favorite song. You think back to the Motown era where artist were groomed from image to voice; everything was calculated. Now it seems that the only criteria to be an artist is the look and be able to carry a beat dancing. Technology takes care of the voice. The music industry no longer groom artists which is why there is no originality. Everyone wants to be Beyonce or Chris Brown or Usher and there’s only one those them. As Drake would say no new friends well am saying no new Beyonce/Chris Brown/Usher; let be original. I promise the work and effort is worth it.

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