Have U Seen “Ms. Parker” From “Friday” Lately? Good Lawd!

Posted On : June 8, 2017


Remember “Ms. Parker” from the 1995 movie, Friday? If not, let us refresh your memory: She made Chris Tucker and Ice Cube say “Hey Ms. Parker. How you doin’ Ms. Parker? I wanna (bleep) Ms. Parker.”

And she made Bernie Mac’s preacher character recite a Bible verse just before he stepped to her to flirt with her, after she walked out of her house to water the lawn in those Daisy Duke shorts and midriff shirt.

We’ve been wondering where “Ms. Parker” has been and what she’s been up to as of late…a few of the fellas over here at ILOSM were also curious as to whether or not “Ms. Parker” was still rockin’ her Daisy Dukes, LOL.

After doing a lil’ research we found actress, Kathleen Bradley a.k.a. “Ms. Parker” and wait ’til you see how she’s looking nowadays…

The Beautiful Kathleen Bradley!


Let’s take a minute to talk about how beautiful Kathleen Bradley is looking at 64 years young! She damn near looks exactly like she did in her “Ms. Parker” days! We always love to see an entertainer from back in the day taking care of themselves and making us Old Schoolers proud.

Ms. Bradley is putting a hurtin’ on some of these youngins out here…


So what has Kathleen been up to lately you ask? Quite a few things. She has a new tell-all book out and a couple years ago she was not shy about voicing her dislike regarding being left out of the talks of a Friday sequel.

After rumors surfaced in 2013 that there may be another Friday movie in the works, Kathleen made it no secret that she was not pleased to not have been asked to be a part of it, and she even urged fans to not go support the movie.


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