Here’s How RL (of Next) CLAPPED BACK When Fan Questioned Him About His CHILD!

Posted On : March 1, 2017

Singer R.L. of the R&B group, Next, has just had to deliver a colossal sized clap back to a fan who crept up into his comments and started questioning his baby’s paternity.

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I case y’all missed our report a few weeks ago, R.L. and his wife, Lena, welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Rory, into the world on January 23rd. Rory is a month old now and her Mommy and Daddy have just begun to show her pretty face for the first time on social media…

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Soon after showing Rory, most fans complimented them on Rory, but a few made a couple unwanted remarks. In particular one fan commented on R.L.’s baby’s photo and stated: “BEAUTIFUL…but I think you need a DNA test. ”

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The commenter went on to say more and after having a brief exchange with R.L., he decided to repost her comments on Instagram and highlight her statements for the world to see. Check out his responses below:


Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 7.14.25 PM

R.L.’s INSTAGRAM STATEMENT: ‘justrl- Ignore the comments they say. Block them.. don’t pay them any mind. Heck nah, I want the world to see the ignorance and hate. Don’t think for a minute it’s gonna ruin my night or make me question the blessing God gave me. But, I’ll never be numb to the hurt of hurtful words like this. U should be ashamed of yourself @mrz_j2u and I’ll tell u like I tell all the others. I hope your daddy loves u like I love my daughter! Be blessed.’

One thing about the internet and social media, is it’s definitely a place where folks will be brutally honest and sometimes even brutally rude. What are your thoughts on this one ILOSM fam?

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