“Higher Learning” Actor Goes Completely Off In Video About Racist Charlottesville Riot

Posted On : August 12, 2017

Michael Rapaport

ILOSM family, what has gone down in Charlottesville, VA is a very sad situation and unfortunately a very real view of what America is today. It was a scene that looked like it was taken straight out of the 60’s segregation era. Racial tensions rang high, as hundreds of Ku Klux Klan members, White nationalists, and neo-Nazis marched in protest of Charlottesville, Va.’s plan to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee, a White Confederate general. As the racists marched, many of them wore Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats, and vowed to “take America back.”

Hundreds of counter-protesters took to the streets to protest against the racial hate that the racists rally marchers were spewing. Sadly though, things came to a violent end as both sides clashed, throwing everything from fists, to bottles and chemical products on each other. Then a car plowed into the crowd, injuring 19 and killing one person. A state of emergency has now been declared.

“Higher Learning” Actor Is Pissed!

Now Higher Learning movie actor, Michael Rapaport, has slammed the HELL outta the racists, many of whom marched onto the University of Virginia’s campus Friday night (8-11-17) to protest there as well. Check out his video message below…but beware, it has explicit language…

Watch Michael Rapaport Go OFF About Charlottesville Riot *Explicit Language*

In case you’re not familiar with Rapaport, here’s why his video is so ironic: He was the actor who portrayed “Remi,” the racist college kid who was a member of a racist organization. “Remi” ended up shooting into a crowd on campus -who had gathered for a peaceful ‘We Are The World’ type concert- killing “Deja” (Tyra Banks) the girlfriend of “Malik” (Omar Epps), the Black college student who beat the hell outta “Remi” for pulling a gum on him. However,as you can see though, Michael Rapaport is a far cry from “Remi.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Charlottesville, Virginia at this time.

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