His SISTER Is A Controversial 90’s ACTRESS & Ladies Are Loving Him!

Posted On : March 15, 2017
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(via Instagram)

This young dude is the brother of an actress who- unless you’ve been living under a rock for about the past 30+ years she’s been in the game- you know very well. She’s been in some controversy as of late, but typically, she’s had a squeaky clean image for most of her life.

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Her brother goes by the name of Kofa and you may, or may not have seen him before on social media. Even the ladies who have no idea who he is, still like to comment about his good looks, and once they find out who his big sis’ is, that just puts the icing on the cake for them, LOL . Well, Kofa’s an Atlanta-based rapper, who owns his own record label, Olympian Records. But, in addition to musical talents and good looks, he’s also an educated brotha. At, 22-years-old he’s set to graduate from Morehouse this year.

We’ve all heard stories about a brother or sister being outshined by another sibling that has mega success, mega money, stardom, or fame, but in this case it seems like the love in this family runs deep. You’ll be surprised to see just how tight knitted the entire family is..although his sister’s star has been shinning for a very long time!

Although Kofa is a rising success in his own right, it appears education and talent are like a gene in his family. Once you know who his famous sister (and her other brothers are), you’ll probably agree…

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