His SISTER Is A Controversial 90’s ACTRESS & Ladies Are Loving Him!

Posted On : March 15, 2017

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Kofa’s big sis’ is ‘Rudy Huxtable’ a.k.a. Keshia Knight-Pulliam! That’s right, Kofa’s last name is Pulliam. He and Keshia have a very close relationship. Since Keisha graduated from Spelman, it’s no surprise her younger brother will be a Morehouse graduate soon, which is just across the way from her alma mater in the ATL. Keshia’s often posted Instagram photos with her brothers, and most recently she commended Kofa for his success…

But get this, Kofa is NOT Keshia’s only brother. She has two more siblings many never even knew about.

Two of Keshia Knight Pulliam's brothers, Kofa and Mshon (seated)
Two of Keshia Knight Pulliam’s brothers, Kofa and Mshon (seated)

Keshia’s Second Brother

Meet Keshia’s 28 year old brother, Mshon, is a well-established photographer. He’s not married with children, like his big sister, Keshia is. Well…that ‘married’ title will be changing for Keshia once her divorce from Ed Hartwell is final, but technically the phrase still applies for now- they’re still married and have a beautiful mini-me, Ella Grace, together. Anyways, the point it is that although M’Shon is ain’t married, he ain’t single either. He spends a bunch of time on social media with his girlfriend…

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Mshon is also very close to his siblings and he was actually with Keshia at the time she gave birth to her daughter, Ella, recently. Check out his delivery room selfie with Keshia and Ella Grace in the background…

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Keshia’s Third Brother

TBT Me and @keshiaknightpulliam at the @ludacris Foundation Dinner.

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Last but not least, there’s James Pulliam II, owner of Pulliam Inc. For those who don’t know, James is also well-known in the rap game as a DJ. James has worked for Ludacris’ DTP Records for many years…

Back with the home team! @djinfamous @playboifate @ludacris

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Jeezy x Kenny Burns x DJ Ace at the Falcons Post Game Party.

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In addition to being a working man, he’s also a family man. James is happily married. He and his wife have one daughter with a son on the way…

It's still WCW somewhere in the world..

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Meet The Pulliam Parents

Keshia and her brothers have also shared photos of their parents. It’s quite easy to see where they all get their striking looks from. Back in October, Kofa posted a photo of his family when they gathered for Keshia’s baby shower to celebrate the upcoming birth of her first child. The siblings have shared more than a few photos of their parents have also been shared on social media.

Check out the photos:

The reasons why I'm so mild-tempered and selfless.

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Meet The Lovely Grandmother

And there ya’ have it family. The Pulliam family that’s been behind lil Rudy all these years. As you can see, Keshia has a lot of support. So as she goes through the current divorce struggles with Ed Hartwell and adapts to her new mommy-hood, she still has the love of those she loves most beside her every step of the way.

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