Hmmm…Parents Who Accused R. Kelly Now Taking Legal Action Against Him

Posted On : August 5, 2017

In the words of the little girl in the Old School Poltergeist movie: “They’re baaaaack…” Who’s back you ask? The parents of Jocelyn Savage- the 21 year old woman whose parents caught media attention with their claims that R. Kelly is holding her ‘hostage.’

After Jocelyn spoke out in several media videos interviews- stating she was not being held hostage by Kellz, that she wanted to be there, and that it was her father who sent her to live with Kelly after her mother introduced her to Kelly backstage at his concert- her parents fell outta the public eye for a hot second. Apparently, after working behind the scenes to devise a new plan of attack against R. Kelly, they’re recharged and ready for legal war.

Okay ILOSM family, before we get into this story about the parents new legal action against R. Kelly, I wanna point out a few things first:
(1) Yes, we all know Kellz had some pedophilia claims made against him in the past…but this story regarding 21 year old Jocelyn Savage and her parents ain’t it.
(2) Yes, 50 year old Kelly has also been known to like very young adult women…odd, but still not illegal.
(3) Since Jocelyn is an adult who says she is where she wants to be, how did this case even get picked up? Moving on…

Jocelyn’s parents have previously made a variety of accusations about her and Kelly: that she is a hostage; she’s a ‘sex slave;’ she’s a victim of Stockholm Syndrome, in which the captive falls in love with their captor, etc.

Parents’ New Legal Action Against R. Kelly

The new thing is that they’ve found an attorney to take on their case to fight to forcibly get their adult daughter to return home- a place where Jocelyn has stated on camera she doesn’t wanna be due to issues she has with her parents.

Via TMZ: Joycelyn Savage’s parents have hired attorneys Gerald A. Griggs and Leif Howard in their “effort to seek the safe return” of their daughter from the singer. The Savages say they’re concerned for her health and safety and reiterate they haven’t seen her for almost a year. According to Griggs … the plan is to make contact with R. Kelly’s reps and work with them to get Joycelyn back to her family, even though she is an adult.

As we previously reported, Jocelyn’s dad accused Kelly of preying on young girls and turning them into ‘sex slaves.’ However, he has no evidence to back that up regarding his claims about his 21 year old daughter. True, Kelly may or may not prefer to spit game to young naive women, but the keyword here is ‘women,’ which are the only females police recently found living at Kelly’s homes- all of whom reportedly say they want to be there.

Kelly has lawyered up and threatened, through his spokesperson, to take legal action for defamation against the parents as well.

Overall, I understand Jocelyn’s parents wanting to have a closer relationship with their daughter, but she’s an adult, so I’m not sure how successful they’re gonna be at changing her mind, nor using force to get her home. We’ll keep y’all posted though.

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