K.Michelle Goes Off After Claiming TSA Agent Sexually Violated Her In Airport

Posted On : May 28, 2017

K. Michelle had a few things to get off her chest the other day after leaving the airport in someplace, USA. Apparently, a female TSA agent sexually violated K. during a pat down gone wrong, in which K. Michelle says that she was practically “fingered” (her words, not our’s) in front of everyone.

K. Michelle: “This lady basically fingered me checking me at TSA. Honestly is was disgusting like she was enjoying it.”

After experiencing the incredibly degrading ordeal, K. Michelle took to Twitter to confide in her fans and also vent about the incident. She’s even threatening to take legal action against the airline and/or TSA agent. She didn’t give the name of the airport, airline, nor agent, but she definitely gave details. See the unfortunate situation she described play by play below…

K. Michelle Tweets About Humiliating Sexual Violation At Airport

In other K. Michelle news: She shared a Twitter photo of herself at her recent concert, rockin’ a sheer top, with her bare breasts on display underneath. Her fans loved it and she sang her heart out that night. I mentioned that seemingly random topic of K.’s fashion choices to say this: Simply because a woman wears skimpy clothing – or in K.Michelle’s case, sometimes damn near no clothing at all- does not give anyone the right to assume they wanna be fondled by random people.

Hopefully, K. Michelle can get some justice for that airport groping incident. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of this happening to a celeb’ and until better protocols is enforced, this probably won’t be the last.

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