Kelly Price’s Sister’s Death Caused Massive Weight Gain, See Her NOW!

Posted On : January 9, 2016

fb kelly priceKelly Price has always been a very beautiful woman, but when she recently unveiled her weight transformation photos, we were all like ‘Go ‘head Kelly!’ Her 9 month weight loss journey began after she said she was extremely depressed about losing her beloved sister in 2014. After her sister’s passing, Kelly shed other things in her life as well, such as her husband/manager of 20 years, Jeffrey Rolle, whom she filed for divorce from in October 2015.

Check out Kelly’s new weight and what she had to say about why and how she accomplished it…

By @mskellyprice via @RepostWhiz app: April 20th 2015 on the left. December 28th 2015 on the right. The journey continues. #IChooseLife #IChooseMe #Progress #ProudofME #ItsMyTime #2016

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Sometimes you gotta lose to win. Sometimes you gotta gain to lose. This is hard to post and hard to look at. I lost my sister in 2014 and was depressed and didn’t want to acknowledge it but it showed up on my body and I packed on weight that I hadn’t carried in years. I lost focus, lost perspective and gained bad habits and extra pounds. I looked up exactly one year later after she died and the photo on the left was what I looked like. This was me in April of this year on stage in Chicago. I told my audience I’d lost my way but I was getting ready to change my life. I recommitted myself to LIVE and to take care of and respect the temple God gave me. The battle is everyday and it’s not easy but I’m doing it. Slow and steady with real life choices that I can follow for the rest of my life. The photo on the right is me today behind the scenes at my Photoshoot with @mrdblanks. I’m excited about what my life is taking shape to look like physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally! #ItsMyTime A photo posted by Kelly Price (@mskellyprice) on



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Kelly is clearly in a new space now and although she has always been a gorgeous woman, she is even more gorgeous when she is happy with herself and genuinely confident about herself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. As a man, I can honestly say that there’s nothing more sexier on a woman than true confidence in my opinion. So we’re giving Ms. Price an old school high five and fist bump for finding the will to want to take back control of her emotions, her health, and her life, after experiencing so much grief and heartache in recent years.


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