Kim Fields’ Husband Goes OFF On Instagram About One of The ‘Housewives!’

Posted On : March 16, 2016

kim fields and husband5Before this season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta aired, we were all hoping that Kim Fields wouldn’t succumb to the ratchetness that can sometimes be the overtone of the show (although it is entertaining), and she’s managed to successfully keep it classy, without allowing any of the ladies to pull her outside of her character, so a big hand clap and Old School fist bump to Kim for that! It wasn’t until her cast mate, Kenya Moore, took shots at her first and then her husband, Christopher, that we saw Kim loose her religion a just lil’ bit when she cursed on the show, LOL.

Well NOW, her husband has joined in to blast back at not only some of the housewives- in particular, Kenya- who has made several comments on the show that she thinks he’s gay and even called him “zesty Chrissy,” -he’s also clapped back at a fan on Instagram for confronting him about the drama.

For starters, Christopher had to tell the fan that he is a “proud, straight, married man,” just before he proceeded to call Kenya a “Thot”…”with a waist trainer, plastic surgery, and fake eyes.”

Kenya Moore
Kenya Moore

The rant kicked off when a fan on Instagram went to Christopher’s page to ask him what he was gonna do about Porsha Williams’ gay comments about him:

Commenter: So @christopherlmorgan last night Porsha made jokes about you snapping your neck and shaking your hair which are gay insinuations…there have been many…Are you and your wife going to call her out and oh yes again Phaedra laughed.

porsha gifAfter a brief convo with the commenter where Christopher tried to keep it civilized, he eventually got fed up and said this:

Christopher: Forget what people say! Most of the time they full of it anyway! The people around me know me as a strong man husband and father, who cares what a Thot with no chance of a man [sic] me thinks?! Hold your worth higher black man. Lesson: If a person in layers of makeup with several plastic surgeries, a waist trainer, a weave, fake nails, fake eyes and 4 inch heels calls you “ugly”, laugh hysterically!!!! You win!!!

kim fields and husband laughingThen the fan said Christopher shouldn’t discriminate against who he takes shots at and said this to Chris:

Sexuality doesn’t define manhood either, but if you are going to call out one person for insinuating such you should call out ALL parties, or it starts to look hypocritical. I never called anybody out? I questioned the source used. No one claimed to have a ‘mutual friend in the business’ save one person. When you lie and claim there is an authority, you stepped in it. Authorities can be verified. If you really just wanna defend Kenya, do that sh*t elsewhere son, I’m on my day off! You can’t call someone a hypocrite if you don’t know the whole story…

kim fields husband comments

Do you think the commenter, or Christopher had the stronger point?

Now that the last episode for RHOA has aired, I still have the exact same question that I had before it started and that is ‘Why in the world is Kim Fields on this show diluting her class with a dash of ratchet?’ That’s not to any doing of her own, but sometimes reality TV can make an authentic preacher (key word being ‘authentic’) look like a pimp, let’s just keep it 100, like the youngins say. We still love you though “Tootie!” Thanks for keeping it classy!

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