Kim Kardashian Didn’t Break The Internet, She Copied The Old School 70s

Posted On : November 13, 2014
Jean-Paul Goode's cover of Kim Kardashian for PAPER Magazine / Jean-Paul Goode "Carolina Beaumont, New York, 1976" (1976)
Jean-Paul Goode’s cover of Kim Kardashian for PAPER Magazine / Jean-Paul Goode “Carolina Beaumont, New York, 1976” (1976),

This may be a little out of the norm of our Old School Music vibe, but we were talking about the trends & Kim Kardashian’s copying of this ’76 photo came up…but WHY??? Well, because yesterday there were more pictures released of her Paper Magazine’s Winter 2014 cover featuring Kim Kardashian’s glistening posterior, except this time, we knew we saw that photo before. So we began to research, and lo and behold, there it was, a throwback!

 Jean-Paul Goode "Carolina Beaumont, New York, 1976" (1976)
Jean-Paul Goode “Carolina Beaumont, New York, 1976” (1976)

Kim Kardashian re-enacts Carolina Beaumont, New York, 1976, one of many images that are immortalized in Jean-Paul Goude’s 1982 book, Jungle Fever. If you don’t know Jean-Paul Goude is a renowned French photographer, who took not only the photo of Carolina Beaumont back in the day, he just dug into his archives, pulled out some of his old favorites and recreated it with Kim Kardashian. I guess this was the photographer’s way of paying homage to the old school. So much respect to the old school, and to the model who took these photos…she wasn’t trying to break the internet, get more Facebook fans or Instagram followers.

Jean-Paul dated Grace Jones around the time the original photo was taken back in the late 70s. He has been fascinated with women like Grace since his youth. According to a People Magazine article written about Grace Jones and the photographer back in 1979:

[quote_box_center]From the moment he saw West Side Story and the Alvin Ailey dance troupe, he found himself captivated by “ethnic minorities—black girls, PRs. I had jungle fever.”[/quote_box_center]

This is a man who boldly told news reporters that his black girlfriend was a “schizo… outrageous bitch”and that at times he would get hysterical and explode in violence during their arguments. Doesn’t this remind you of Diana Ross’s Relationship in Mahogany?!?!

Click next to see more pictures from this photographer including Grace Jones, and if you want to see the NSFW (Not Safe For Work) images of Kim Kardashian and Carolina Beaumont.

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