Who Knew Will Downing Battled THIS Severe, Life-Threatening Disease?

Posted On : May 6, 2016

R&B singer, Will Downing, is  known for many things, including his great R&B/jazz infused jams, his beautiful mid-90’s duet with Rachelle Ferrell,”Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This;” his ’91 hit, “I Try”…

And Downing is also known for his unique voice and for his title as the ‘Prince of sophisticated soul,’ but one thing he isn’t widely known for is being the man who battled a disease that was so debilitating a few years ago that it took his voice, his ability to walk, it almost took his life, and it made him drop from 215 pounds to 115 pounds in a few short months. Today Downing is grateful to still be alive, but it wasn’t that way when many around him were praying for him and wondering if he would be around to to see his three children grow and prosper in life…


WILL DOWNING SPEAKS ON HIS PAST LIFE THREATENING ILLNESS In 2007 Will Downing was diagnosed with polymyositis, a disease that causes chronic inflammation of many muscles throughout the body, resulting in extreme weakness, loss of mobility, and chronic pain. It could also result in heart failure and lung disease. Downing was ultimately confined to a wheel chair, but prior to that, the doctors warned him that he would soon not only lose his mobility and strength, but his voice also. He said within 2 weeks after they told him that, his voice was gone, but surprisingly he says that didn't bother him:

"I wasn’t even afraid of never being able to sing again because I’ve done so much in my life with my instrument and God has blessed me to touch more people than I could have ever imagined and has allowed me to travel the world. However, the thought of becoming immobile messed with my head. I’m not going to say I was the picture of health and athleticism but I enjoy basketball, bowling, riding bikes, driving and running around with my kids," says Downing.
"I went into the hospital in 2007 and I was in there for about seven months...I went through a period of depression. I cursed God like you would not believe. It’s a very strange situation because you don’t have a grasp on reality. I was extremely weak and couldn’t move, yet in my mind I kept telling myself I was going to be fine in a couple of weeks. Yet, I still had to call two nurses to help pick me up and take me to the bathroom but again in my head I was fine."
[source: Essence] But THIS is when Downing became really worried>>>
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