Look At Who We Found, “Ronnie” From “The Player’s Club!”

Posted On : December 10, 2015

fb ronnieIf we ask you if you remember actress Chrystale Wilson, you would probably say “Who?” But you’d probably remember her character “Ronnie,” because nowadays Chrystale can’t go anywhere without somebody recognizing her as the stripper from The Players Club movie.

THE PLAYERS CLUB, Monica Calhoun, Chrystale Wilson, 1998, (c)New Line Cinema
THE PLAYERS CLUB, Monica Calhoun, Chrystale Wilson, 1998, (c)New Line Cinema

“Ronnie” was one of the most rawest characters in the film- she had ongoing beef with “Diamond” (Lisa Raye) and “Ronnie’s” classic, most villainous line was when she told “Ebony” (Monica Calhoun) that “In this business, closed legs don’t get fed.” One of the most hilarious scenes was when she did a strip show for a room full of police officers and spanked a Caucasian cop until he yelled “I’m Black and I’m proud.” After that, “Ronnie” went down in history as one of the Queen B’s of the 90’s film era.

“Ronnie” represented that gutter, gritty side of the strip game and she was super sexy, but was hardened on the inside and used her sexuality to hustle.
ronnie7 gifChrystale played that character so well, that for years there were rumors that Ice Cube actually discovered her in a strip club, but she said that was 100% FALSE and that she worked hard to show her acting skills to land the part as “Ronnie.” See what Chrystale explained here:

“You know, it makes for a good story. People try to say ‘Oh well Ice Cube discovered her in the strip club.’ That’s not true, that’s not what happened. Actually I was working at a law firm and then I was working on a part time basis at an art gallery. So I wasn’t in the strip club. However, I have several friends that dance, I have several relationships with people who work in the strip clubs because in Atlanta [her hometown] that hasn’t been taboo to us for a long, long time. That was just like a nightclub we would just go to that had some of the best food late at night. So I wasn’t a stranger to it,” says Chrystale.  (via Big Mouth Magazine)

ronnie2Over the years, many people have been wondering ‘Whatever happened to ol’ girl from The Player’s Club?’ Well if you missed the smaller independent films she’s starred in, you may have probably missed her altogether. So here is a quick rundown of what Chrystale’s doing now and she is still looking GOOD. Check her out on the next page…

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