Melba Moore’s Strange Response After Her Ex Husband Made Millions Illegally

Posted On : April 16, 2017

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Melba Moore has been surrounded by musical influences all of her life. So, it would seem she was destined for musical greatness since she was a small child. Melba’s biological parents and stepparents were all singers and musicians with some form of successful involvement in the music industry. Although Melba initially chose a career path in education, she soon decided she, too, desired to be in the spotlight. The career transition led to her first record deal with Buddah Records in 1975. However, that wasn’t all she accomplished that year…

History Of Melba & Ex-Husband’s Relationship- It Was All Good At First

It was only natural that she eventually married someone in the music field-  record producer, manager and business promoter, Charles Huggins. The two have one daughter together. They ultimately found happiness personally and professionally as Charles also played an intricate role in his wife’s music career. Not long after she inked the deal, she ended up with her first hit record, “This Is It,” and had a number of hits afterwards.

Melba later caught the acting bug and career soared to new heights. So did her hubby Charles’ career. The couple launched their own record label, Hush Productions. In fact, Charles had the opportunity to work with many notable names in the music industry like Whitney Houston (he was her music producer), Kenny G., Freddie Jackson, and many more. They enjoyed 15 years of monumental success and it seemed they were on top of the world. But, that’s when things went left and all hell broke loose in the lives of Melba and Charles.

Marriage Turned To Disaster

The marriage took a totally unexpected turn and Melba learned things weren’t exactly as they seemed. In 1990, Charles abruptly filed for divorce and left Melba financially debilitated due to economic abuse. The brotha didn’t stop there though. He also filed a defamation lawsuit against his estranged ex-wife, claiming she’d defamed his character when she accused him of abuse throughout their marriage. Their divorce drama went on for quite some time. But then it got even stranger…and millions of dollars were involved….


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