MJ’s Cosmetic Dr. Reveals TRUTH About If MJ Hated His Dark Skin-PICS

Posted On : October 12, 2015
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Michael Jackson; MJ’s cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Patrick Treacy

The beloved Michael Jackson’s lightened skin is often a topic that comes up on our Facebook page, so we thought we’d take a minute to address them. It turns out MJ really did have a skin condition, just as several people close to him have claimed for decades (SEE PICS OF MJ’S VITILIGO SKIN CONDITION ON PAGE 2). Although MJ often got clowned for his looks and plastic surgery procedures and although he was often accused of lightening his skin to look more Caucasian, not only has MJ’s cosmetic surgeon, Patrick Treacy, now released his tell all memoir this week, confirming MJ’s skin problems, but we also have several pics to prove that those claims are probably true.

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MJ’s doctor, Dr. Patrick Treacy

Before we get into what MJ’s plastic surgeon said, let’s first backtrack for a second to kick things off- Let’s not forget that the coroner, Dr. Christopher Rogers, who performed the autopsy on Michael’s body and testified in a court of law during Dr. Conrad Murphy’s (the man who served time for injecting MJ with a fatal dosage of medication) trial, about his findings. Dr. Rogers confirmed that MJ had “vitiligo, a skin pigmentation disease. So, some areas of the skin appear light and others appear dark,” Rogers said.

michael jackson staringAs if the coroner’s findings on MJ’s autopsy report weren’t enough, some people still could not believe that MJ had a skin disorder, but the fact is that MJ was still human with the same types of ailments that can affect us regular folks. Although it’s certainly understandable why people weren’t believing the skin rumors, because MJ was larger than life and had a history of altering his facial features, so it’s easy to claim that the King of Pop would alter his skin too, but it just wasn’t the case. There are certain things in life that money just cannot fix and apparently having vitiligo is one of them, therefore according to MJ’s plastic surgeon, MJ did what he felt the next best solution was. Here’s what his doctor, Dr. Treacy, revealed:
“His [Michael Jackson’s] skin was black and white and he depigmented his hands, his feet, and his face using sort of a bleaching agent that left him susceptible to skin cancers which is why he wore the mask in the sun all the time.

He should have been more honest with the world and put his hand up and said: ‘Look I have vitiligo and as a consequence of this I can’t go out in the sun,’” said Dr. Treacy.

For further proof, we have photos of not only MJ’s vitiligo, but also a photo of what seems to be vitiligo on his son Prince, as well as MJ’s grandfather who had vitiligo. Check them out on the next page…

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