MJ’s Estate Furious With Food Company, Files Lawsuit, Details…

Posted On : February 26, 2016

fb mj mad look Michael Jackson’s estate ain’t playing! They are taking a food company to court after finding out the company has been trying to ride off of MJ’s title. What title you ask? The King of Pop, that’s the name of the popcorn company that has just been hit with a lawsuit by the lawyers of MJ’s estate.

Here are the details via TMZ:

popcorn company
Nobody calls popcorn “pop” … is the basis of a lawsuit the Michael Jackson estate has filed against a website using MJ’s name to hawk popcorn.
MJ’s estate has set its sights on KingOfPop.com … a website that popped up in 2012 after buying the domain name of a former Michael Jackson fan website.
The estate claims the site tried to defend its use of the popular MJ moniker by saying the word “pop” is a “nickname for popcorn products.” The estate says that’s BS because “pop” is only a nickname for soda … in certain parts of the country.
Team MJ is suing to get the site shut down, plus damages.

This company is kinda reaching…real far, don’t you think? LOL. I mean, trying to convince them that the nickname ‘pop’ is a common name for popcorn is a bit much, but I give them an ‘A’ for effort. I think it’s a high possibility that after MJ’s lawyers are done with this company, they’ll have to change their name from the King Of Pop to the King of NOT. We shall see…

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