Mo’Nique’s The Latest To SHUTDOWN Kim Burrell, U Won’t Believe What She Said

Posted On : January 10, 2017

It’s been more than a week since all hell broke loose for Kim Burrell and she’s still getting dragged by the media, fans, and other celebrities. Now, Mo’Nique has shared her opinion of the gospel singer’s anti-gay rant. During a recent radio segment, Mo’Nique and her husband, Sidney, offered compelling perspectives on Kim Burrell’s rant. In fact, Mo’Nique even described the comments as “laughable.”


After Mo'Nique dragged Kim Burrell, her husband also weighed in with his opinion of the situation. By now, most social media users know the singer made an effort to damage control shortly after the outrage began. But, unfortunately, the damage was already done and it was far too late to try and smooth things over. Sidney discussed the Facebook Live video when she made the attempt and noted the contradictions in her statement. fb monique and husband sidney

"The comments that we heard her make initially and then in conjunction with what she followed up behind almost alluded [that] she wasn't saying anything about the LGBT community," he said. "She was speaking in reference to what God hates because it's a sin and the only thing about it is that how many of you have heard the voice of God tell you that he/she/them, whatever you believe God to be, hates, in terms of what is a human dynamic?"
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