More Controversial ‘Secrets’ Spill In Court Fight Over Prince’s Estate

Posted On : September 15, 2017

Ever since the beloved ‘purple one,’ Prince passed away  on April 21, 2016 from an overdose of the prescription painkiller, fentanyl, there’s been a never-ending sage of drama over his $200+ million estate that reads like an episode fresh outta Dynasty. Only true veteran Old Schoolers know about that Dynasty reference. Anywho, apparently more drama was going down behind the scenes of Prince’s estate that has just been resolved by one Minnesota judge.

Prince (via Getty Images)

We all know that Prince has 6 siblings- his only full sibling, Tyka Nelson; and his half siblings, siblings, Sharon Nelson, Norrine Nelson, John Nelson, Omarr Baker and Alfred Jackson. All six have legally been declared Prince’s heirs in a court of law.
Prince’s only full sibling, Tyka Nelson

The Controversy Over Prince’s REAL Daddy

But there are five other people who have been fighting that ruling in court, because they say that Prince’s father, John L. Nelson, who was also the father of Prince’s six declared half siblings, was not his REAL daddy. They other five claimed that their father was actually Prince’s biological father and therefore they should be the official heirs.

Prince’s parents, Mattie Shaw and John L. Nelson

The Judge’s Latest Ruling

Throughout Prince’s life, he’s acknowledged Tyka, Sharon, Norrine, Omarr, and Alfred as his siblings though. It was that acknowledgement that a judge is said to be honoring. Here is the latest:

Via Page Six: Carver County District Judge Kevin Eide properly applied state laws on parentage when he barred the five people from claiming shares of Prince’s estate, the appeals court said. Court papers filed earlier in the estate case have suggested that Prince’s fortune was worth around $200 million.

Eide declared in May that Prince had no will when he died in April 2016 … and that six recognized surviving siblings are his legal heirs. He ruled earlier that John L. Nelson and Mattie Shaw were legally presumed to be Prince’s parents since they were married when he was born.

The five who were rejected — Darcell Gresham Johnston, Loya Janel Wilson, Loyal James Gresham III, Orrine Gresham and Venita Jackson Leverette — claimed that Nelson wasn’t really Prince’s father. They claimed they were Prince’s half-siblings through other men. They were not allowed to undergo genetic testing to try to prove it.

Wow, like I said, the situation surrounding Prince’s estate is unfortunately like a TV drama series.

But Wait, There’s More

Prince and his dad, John L. Nelson

There is also still a pending case among the kids of Prince’s deceased security chief, whom throughout his career, Prince also called his ‘brother.’ That man’s name is Duane J. Nelson and Prince’s father, John L. Nelson, apparently raised Duane, but he is not John’s biological son. Duane and Prince were very close and now his son and daughter have a pending lawsuit claiming that they should be considered heirs as well. Will they be granted their request? Only time will tell.

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