Much Thinner Janet Jackson Showed Up & Showed Out At Her 1st Performance Since Baby

Posted On : September 8, 2017
Janet and Eissa

Janet Jackson has been hitting her rehearsals hardcore for the past few months and as of yesterday (9-7-17), her hard work has clearly proven to have paid off. Months after giving birth to her son, Eissa, with her soon to be ex-husband/billionaire, Wissam Al Mana, Janet finally resumed her Unbreakable Tour. This time around though, she’s calling it ‘The State of the World Tour.’ **Scroll to bottom for video of Janet’s concert**

Janet then

Many of y’all may recall how Janet cancelled, rescheduled, then cancelled again, her tour prior to announcing that she and Wissam were about to start a family. Fans were pissed off with Janet’s last minute cancellations and no refunds in the foreseeable future.

Janet NOW…Performing Her 1st Show Since Giving Birth

Janet Jackson now, performing at first concert since giving birth. State of the World Tour, Lafayette, La. (9-7-17)

But now, they have no longer to wait. Tyler Perry and thousands of other fans were in the audience last night at Janet’s Louisiana tour kickoff in Lafayette, Louisiana. Tyler and Janet are very close and he was just as turned up about ‘Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty’s’ return to the stage, as much as the rest of her die-hard fans were.

Tyler Perry in audience jammin’ to his homegirl, Janet

As we previously reported, friends close to Janet had revealed that she was working hard to get back in shape and drop her baby weight just in time for the tour. Over the past couple months, we’ve been watching Janet quickly turn into ‘incredibly shrinking Susan.’ And at 51 years young, she’s BACK like she never left! Check out a clip of her performance footage below looking like the 1997 version of Janet…and also peep how Tyler’s going off in crowd as well…

Get Janet Damita Jo Jackson! Glad to see you’ve returned!

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