Nene Explains Her New NOSE JOB & See How She Blasts OTHER Reality Stars

Posted On : July 3, 2016

Nene Leakes has been raising a lot of eyebrows ever since she debuted her new nose last week. Since then, she has now resurfaced with a vengeance and recently did an interview with EOnline, where she rolled of a list of things that makes her smarter and better than other reality TV stars. But see why some question if she actually has a right to make these claims about her reality TV compadres…



"You see, I'm smart, see. A lot of the girls that come on these reality shows, they come on looking for a rich husband. [...] They come on here because they just wanna be known for being, like beautiful, 'I just got new Botox filler today, look at my car...' And while they was over here doing all of that, I was making connections."

That ain't all Nene had to say though, check out the video clip and why she is probably the pot calling the kettle black...
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